Projects & Issues

Wisconsin Audubon Council is active in both advocacy and diverse projects.

See a list of advocacy action and how to get involved on our issues page.

Here is a list of recently funded chapter projects:

  • Amphibians for Kids (Winnebago Audubon)
    • A live Wisconsin amphibians program provides an invaluable hands-on experience that reaches 800 elementary students in the Oshkosh area. In addition, a Frog Night Hike open to the public usually draws 100 people.
  • Audubon Adventures (Hoy Audubon)
  • Bird City Summit: WBCI annual meeting (Milwaukee Audubon)
  • Fish Passage - additional signs (Milwaukee Audubon)
  • Wisconsin Audubon Council website & social media (Madison Audubon)
    • Significantly redesign and relaunch the WAC website, with blog post and Facebook page, which all chapters and centers can contribute to.
  • Bay Area bird calling contest (Chequamegon Audubon)
  • Chimney Swift village - 3 new towers (Aldo Leopold Audubon)
  • Nature trail signage for Androne Woods (Green Rock Audubon)
  • Natural Landscape conference 2013 (Milwaukee Audubon)
  • Raptor program for International Migratory Bird Day celebration  (Hoy Audubon)
  • Serviceberry planting  (Green Rock Audubon)
  • Wisconsin Chimney Swift tower & Interpretive Kiosk (Northeastern Audubon)

    This tower, made of native limestone, can be used by a single nesting pair or for flock congregation.  Sited in a public park, it serves to educate and encourage homeowners and businesses to manage their chimneys in a way that will allow swifts' use.